How to build user segments that work

Segments are one of the key components of Permutive. They allow you to define the groups of users you want to react to in your product.

Getting your segments right means you'll deliver experiences relevant to them, increasing engagement, boosting conversions and maximising ROI.

We've recently made some changes to how you build Segments in Permutive In this blog post, we'll go through our suggested steps for building great ones.

1. Start at the end

Before you start building a segment, think about the application you'll be using it for.

What does being part of that segment mean? What are you going to change for users in that segment? Who are the kind of people you are going to put in the segment?

Getting clarity on this before starting will ensure you're using the right criteria and putting the right people into segments.

2. Track all relevant events

Permutive segments are built from events sent in with permutive.track(). Make sure you're sending in all events relevant to the users in your segment.

If you're building a segment on shopping preferences, purchase events are essential. Browsing and engagement with product pages could be helpful too.

3. Test your hypotheses

In the query builder, you can use the Audience Size function to see how many of your users fall into the segment.

With most segments, you're using count comparisons to determine whether someone falls in or not. For example, you might count an engaged shopper as someone that's made 3 purchases.

With the Audience Size, you can try 2 or 5, and see where you get a decent number of users.

4. Track conversions

If there's an action you want your segment to take, track this as an event.

This way, you can see the effectiveness of your segment at identifying users willing to take the action.

Soon, this will be included in the Permutive dashboard, but for now you can do it with event tracking and BigQuery.

Further Information

If you follow the tips above, you can build really effective Permutive segments. If you'd like help or advice using Permutive, get in touch.

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