How to create Facebook Advertising Audiences that convert

If you use Facebook for your marketing, you may have noticed that it's great for targeting users based on Facebook data, but limited in behavioural targeting.

Additionally, if you're sending events and creating behavioural audiences in Facebook, they are 'locked in'. They can't be used on other networks.

With behavioural targeting, you can convert potential customers, or get existing customers to buy more. Additionally, using Facebook's lookalike feature you can find people who are similar to your best customers.

Facebook and Permutive

In this blog post, we'll show you how you can create behavioural segments in Permutive. Then we'll use them for Facebook targeting.

With Permutive, you can track all user behaviours. Whether that's on site, in-app, or from other services such as email providers. You then use these user events to create segments in our platform.

Finally, we send these segments anywhere you want to use them. Our integrations include MailChimp, Facebook and all the other tools you use.

Introducing Permutive Fashion

We've created a demo store called Permutive Fashion. You can see it above. It's a simple ecommerce store built in Shopify.

We sell a range of fashion products. For this demo, we're going to identify big spenders with Permutive. Then we'll send them to Facebook as a segment for advertising.

Creating Behavioural Segments

This is what our big spender segment looks like in Permutive. It contains people who have checked out at least once, spending more than £6,000.

With Permutive, you can use any event data you have sent us to build segments, in any combination you want.

Sending the Segment to Facebook

Now we've got our behavioural segment set up in Permutive, we want to get it over to Facebook for targeting.

We use the Facebook Pixel to send data into your Facebook account. The screenshot above shows how we send the segment from Permutive. It's simple. You enter the name of a Facebook 'Event' to create, then the segment you want to create it for.

The Facebook event is what you use to create your Facebook Audience. This is the last step.

Using the audience in Facebook

The last step is to create the matching audience in Facebook. We use the audience creator in Facebook and select anyone with the isBigSpender event.

And we're done! You can do this to create as many Permutive audiences as you want.


The audience we've created is now available for targeting in Facebook. We could also create a lookalike audience to target customers similar to our high value ones.

Although we created quite a simple audience today, you could use any data you have on your customers. You can create audiences as custom as you want, then send them to any service you use.

If you're interested in using Permutive to create behavioural Facebook Audiences, get in touch.

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